Georgia- An overspeeding car crashed brutally at the interstate resulting in 4 deaths instantly while 2 got injured.

According to the reports, a car was seen evading the law enforcement authorities and list control while topping 170 mph and crashed into trees in Monroe County.

According to the police, the car which was a dodge charger scat pack refused to oblige a traffic stop around I-75 sometime after midnight. The car was seen traveling at a speed of 137 mph. According to the Monroe County sheriff’s office, the car crossed the 170-mph benchmark at one pout as it was being pursued by the deputies on the job.

The deputies lost the car while chasing it. The car was located merely 5 minutes later off the interstate side and crashed vehemently into the line of trees.

As the authorities and the chasing deputies reached the place of the crash, they found 4 people dead at the scene whereas 2 of the passengers were badly injured.

According to the police, all the passengers in the car were male. After searching the car, 17 credit cards and 3 guns were found from the inside.

The car, later on, burst into flames.

Monroe County Sheriff Brad Freeman stated that there were 6 passengers in the car whose ages ranged between 16 to 22 years. Two of them survived the fatal crash.

“It’s sad when young people lose their lives,” Freeman stated, adding that it was especially so when it involves “poor choices.”

He further stated that the car had 6 occupants out of which 2 managed to pull themselves out of the burning car whereas the others were stuck in the car and had died on the spot.

The deputies had exclaimed that they had lost the track of the car while chasing it. Minutes later, a passerby had spotted a car on fire near high falls road and had called 911 to report it. It was the same car that was being chased by the deputies for over speeding.

The cause of the death is said to be overspeeding as well as the driver losing control of the car exiting into the woods resulting in a brutal crash.