Two have been reportedly killed, one in Georgia and one in Texas as powerful storms along with damaging winds and tornadoes continue to strike the South.

“Four tornadoes touched down in Mississippi and at least one tornado struck in South Carolina as severe weather hit the South on Tuesday. A 71-year-old man was also killed in Texas, and officials braced for another round of unsettling storms on Wednesday,” The New York Times Tweeted.

Apart from that, on Monday night, people reported a hail storm of the size of a golf ball in Texas, Mississippi and Louisiana.

As of Tuesday morning, it was reported that seven severe thunderstorms headed to Florida, South Carolina and Georgia. The storm killed a woman in her mobile home in Pembroke, Georgia on Tuesday evening.

In other news, two tornadoes have already reached Texas in the early morning Tuesday, including one near Joshua in Johnson County where one person reportedly die.

From late Monday to early Tuesday total of 21 tornadoes were reportedly headed from Mississippi to South Carolina – with one causing slight structure and tree damage in Newton, Mississippi and Interstate 2, highway.

Moreover, three people were reportedly suffered non-life-threatening injuries due to tornado destruction, reported South Carolina officials in Allendale to Savannah, Georgia, ABC affiliate WJCL.

Recent updates from the Washington state show that thousands of people are left without power after a major storm entered the state, producing winds gusts as high as 81 mph.

Due to the current weather situation in the east, snow and wind alerts have been issued from the Rocky Mountains into the Plains with a threat of high fire damage to all the regions from Texas to South Dakota.

“Red flag warnings have been issued for the Plains where winds could gust up to 70 mph,” news outlets reported.

Besides that, California’s first heatwave of the season is expected to arrive soon, according to a heat advisory, issued for San Diego and Los Angeles with high winds warnings for the mountain regions.

“The heat wave will begin Wednesday with highs in the lower to middle 90s,” it states.