Garrett Hedlund is fast heading towards a dangerous slope as he lands himself into a hot mess one after another since his infamous split with Emma Roberts.

According to the reports, Garrett Hedlund was recently arrested in Tennessee for public intoxication after his famous split with long-term girlfriend Emma Roberts.

The “country strong” star landed himself into serious trouble as his arrest comes while he is still on probation following a similar incident that took place in 2020.

According to the details, Garrett Hedlund was arrested for public intoxication in Franklin County on Saturday.

He was released on a bond of $2100 but was summoned to report back to court in march in order to follow up and answer regarding the incident.

No details have been made public regarding the incident or the circumstances which led up to his arrest.

The representative of Garrett Hedlund did not respond immediately nor did the Franklin county sheriff’s department make a public announcement regarding the arrest.

The report of his public intoxication and arrest comes just a day after the couple announced that they are ending their relationship following the birth of their first son Rhode who has just turned one.

According to the insiders, the couple faced a rocky time following the birth of their child and things were not well among them for quite some time.

Hedlund was allegedly too drunk in November 2020, facing the same charges, and had gone under treatment for having a blood-alcohol level of .36%.

Things might turn nasty for the act as this new arrest while being on probation for similar charges may gear up grave consequences for breaking the law yet again while being on probation.