Loyalty programs around the world are a way for companies to keep customers interested in their products and maintain customer retention. Today’s world is at a much more advanced level in terms of businesses, therefore the competition is extremely tight. You cannot win and keep customers just by providing a product/service many others are providing, they have too many options to switch to. The GameStop Powerup Rewards program is one such loyalty program that was designed to keep customer retention and loyalty in mind.

As a company operating in a highly competitive market, you have to consider where your products lack and how the alternatives available might be a better choice for the customers. When you recognize this, you can work towards making your brand enticing for the customers. Loyalty programs are just another way to keep your customers coming back to your shop as it gives them the means to get rewarded whenever they make a purchase. It makes them feel appreciated for choosing your brand. Apart from the material benefits, it also builds an intangible relationship between the brand and the customer.

GameStop Powerup Rewards program, however, is much more than a regular loyalty program. Essentially, it has two types including basic and pro, which give customers options to choose what kind of commitment they want with the brand. It also helps them in understanding and experiencing the program when they choose basic first and gradually move on to pro. The entire membership program is made to benefit the customer by way of their purchases. Let’s look at the different membership types:

Basic GameStop Powerup Rewards:

The basic program does not require you to buy or invest any particular amount. When you make a purchase at GameStop, you automatically become eligible for the basic membership program.

As per this program, you get 10 points for every dollar spent. While the basic program works well in terms of giving customers a taste of the benefits being offered by the company, it also projects an impression of how rewarding the brand can be. The points accumulate in the customer’s account as they make purchases and can be utilized whenever they feel like it. The points can be availed on all the available gear, collectibles, and other products.

There is another added credit card option for GameStop shoppers that is also part of the rewards program. As with any regular credit card, a GameStop credit card allows customers to get credit from GameStop when they need to buy something from their shop. It is an extended option, which means you will have to purchase a credit card. When you do so, you gain 5,000 points in your basic membership account that can be used with your other reward points. In addition to all the discounts and offers available for membership holders, credit card owners get further exclusive offers and rewards as well.

Pro GameStop Powerup Rewards:

Just like every other premium subscription service, the pro membership of GameStop Powerup Rewards is more exclusive. It requires the customers to buy the membership for $14.99 from GameStop, contrary to the basic membership that is free. The reward system for pro members is double that of basic members in terms of the per dollar rate.

When buying a GameStop credit card, the basic members get 5,000 points whereas Pro members get 15,000 points. That is a high reward for just the cost of the membership. Not only that, but all cardholders get additional 5,000 points per every $250 spent annually. Depending on your shopping pattern, you will get as many rewards in your respective membership program. On top of your specific membership discounts, rewards, and deals there are other benefits offered to Pro members as well.

The rewards you might get as a basic membership owner and as a cardholder are widely different, especially if you consider additional rates of rewards.

GameStop Credit Card:

It is very self-explanatory that you will need to be part of any GameStop rewards program in order to avail of the credit card. It is not mandatory to have one, but it is mandatory to be a member to get the card. Many people confuse the purpose and use of the card. It can only be used at GameStop stores or on their website, for their own products.

It works just like any other credit card, only the shopping options are limited. You get a pre-approved credit limit that ranges somewhere from $250 to $3,000 and helps keep the customers limited to a number before they start requesting more. Depending upon the customer, the amount can be paid each month respectively or overtime whenever they like. But the payment choice will impact the interest applied to the payment amount.

Those who want to get their credit limit revised or upgraded can call the customer service department and put in a request. You might need to get through a supervisor or person in charge who might be able to guide you better in this regard. It is remarkable how views regarding products and services can change throughout time too.

Initially, when the credit card program was introduced by GameStop, many people were skeptical. Due to the larger audience in their target market being the youngsters, many called it a debt trap that would lure young customers into their program. The initial annual interest rate was high enough to add to that worry. It got some mixed but mostly leaning towards negative reviews from the market making the initial reaction lukewarm at best. But eventually, people warmed up after the rules of the program were made clear and they made sense. The credit is only allowed to people aged 18 or above making the entire argument about luring young audiences irrelevant.

Apart from that, all standard credit terms are applicable on this card. Although the interest rate was something that made people hold back from jumping in, it is still alright if compared with other store cards and their credit line.

Those interested in credit cards can submit their application to GameStop.com. On the website, you can find information about GameStop powerup rewards too. You can also apply from Comenity Capital Bank’s website because they are the ones issuing the credit card. Just as every credit card is allotted depending upon a customer’s credit score, this one also needs a somewhat decent one. But GameStop’s credit program is considered less strict than others, where some people got approved with low to mid-credit scores.

Your credit limit and APR, i.e. the interest rate also depends on what your credit score is. So even though a low credit score would not stop you from getting your card, a higher score can help you get your desired APR. Everything else is pretty much the same as for any other line of credit. You need to have a stable, consistent source of income and be established enough to look like you can pay the amount you use through a credit card.

This was everything relevant regarding GameStop Powerup Rewards, respective memberships, and how you can up those with the credit card. As a video game or tech enthusiast, this is a great shopping avenue for you. If you are an IT or video games connoisseur, you will love all the rewards and benefits offered through GameStop memberships. You can do so much more with the rewards you earn and accumulate through this program while shopping for your necessities only.