The match between Fulham and Chelsea is highly anticipated this time as the manager Lampard does not want to see his team struggling. Both of the teams belong to West London and they are going to face off at Craven Cottage.

Chelsea has been struggling in the Premier League for the last five games in which they only scored four points. Fulham on the other side is not believed to be a favorite but they have managed to score five points.

This is going to build up a lot of pressure on Frank Lampard as he has to manage the team to secure this win. Fulham will enter the field with confidence as they are ahead of Chelsea on the points table.

Even after two games that were forced to be postponed because of COVID-19, Fulham was able to bounce back. They have an energetic side that is eager to perform against the likes of Chelsea in the upcoming game.

Fulham is beaming with confidence as they have paved their way and were able to perform better in the last few games. They are not going to let Chelsea go without a fight and this is a fearing scenario for Frank Lampard.

The viewers will be able to watch the game live on 16 January at 3:00 PM ET and it will be aired on different sports channels. The stadium decided for this match is Craven Cottage London on board the teams will face off each other in the field.

Frank Lampard has a lot to worry about as his team has been underperforming since the start of the Premier League. However, he is looking forward to Reece James to rejoin the team after his injury.

They have to make a comeback in the season if they want to secure a good position on the points table. Currently, they are lingering around the 9th position which is why this game is a crucial turning point for Chelsea.

According to the predictions, Fulham is going to put up a great fight in this match and is looking at a win. However, most people believe that a win for Fulham is a far-fetched idea and the match is likely to be a draw.

Frank Lampard is hopeful to use the duo of Ziyech and James to secure a win for Chelsea. His hopes are dangling on a thin rope as James is just returning from his injury.