The full moon on 23rd July 2021 – Friday, might seem uncanny orange, especially to those who reside under smoky skies prevailing from the burning wildfire between summers.

To catch a glimpse of this once-in-a-blue-moon event, see the full moon July 2021 at 10:37 p.m. on Friday (Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) on 24th July, Saturday).

According to the space experts, this would be the time, the Earth, the sun, and the moon would be in proper alignment. However, the Moon would be five degrees off the Earth’s orbital plane, thus, the Sun’s light will reflect on the near side of the moon, making it appear orange.

As per NASA reports, the viewers would be able to witness this extraordinary event for around 3 days (from the evening of Thursday (22nd July) through the morning of Saturday).

Further investigations led to the conclusion that the full moon July 2021 will be appearing of this bizarre color due to air pollution. As per the NYC-based publication, due to around 120 burning fires on the West Coast of the US, smoke particles have dispersed all around the country creating clouds of smog and reducing the air quality, thus, the moon will appear orange and the sun will be tinted red.

Providing more information on the topic, NASA has reported that the full moon July 2021 will be the result of long and short wavelengths of smoke bricks. The shorter wavelengths are blue, green, and yellow, while the longer wavelengths are red and orange, which will seem dominant especially during the sunrise and sunset giving the sky reddish and orange hues.

Moreover, NASA also revealed that this full moon is named Buck Moon after taking into account the Old Maine Farmer’s Almanac 1930s publication about the full moon.