Service dogs are trained dogs who have a history of aiding blind and impaired people or with some who are physically handicapped. They are a great companion to keep people safe from the expected danger. They are also trained enough that they alert diabetics when they sense spikes in their sugar levels. Service dogs help the blind to walk safely on the city streets.

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These dogs can visit any place, even a grocery store, and are tipped sometimes with perks. If you think your pet dog helps you the same way, then you can easily apply for free service dog registration.

There’s a chance for everyone that people don’t really know about that everyone can register their dogs as service dogs. If you need to register your pet dog as a service dog, you would be surprised to know that it’s much easy to do.

You can then name your dog as an emotional or therapy dog. You may be amazed to know that there are benefits that you can reap by registering your dog as a service dog. Here’s a list of different categories of service dogs, look over them and find out the best one for your dog.

Service dogs

Service dogs are typically doggy companions that are described as certified dogs for the disabled by ADA (Americans with Disabilities act). If you have got a service dog, then you have a legal obligation to keep your dog with you all the time. ADA requires that a trained dog should be trained enough to help disabled individuals and perform tasks individually without any instruction.

Benefits of having a service dog

  • Service dogs are allowed to enter any public area
  • All landlords permit disable individuals to have a service dog regardless if they don’t allow pets
  • Airlines don’t charge extra and allow service dogs to fly with the owner.
  • Restaurants allow service dogs in the dining area.

How to apply for free service dog registration?

ADA doesn’t require a service dog to be highly trained in any specific area. However, to get registered in the US Service Dog Registry, you and your dog must spend 120 hours under any training session.

The process of undergoing training takes at least 6 months. Twenty-five percent of the training would be given to your dog to train how it should be in public settings.

Once the training is completed and your dog starts performing every required task with perfection, it is ready to get registered in the United States Dog Registry without any charge.

  1. Emotional Support Dogs

Emotional Support dogs perform differently than service dogs. However, their primary responsibility is to cater to their owner’s needs with affectionate interaction. Any even-tempered pet dog that represents the ability to offer comfort can be registered as an emotional support dog. And almost every dog offers emotional comfort and support to its masters.

Benefits of having an Emotional Dog

  • They are allowed in apartments without extra charge
  • Airlines allow emotional dogs to travel in the airplane’s cabin without any charge.

How to apply for emotional service dog registration?

To become an emotional dog, there is also no need for your dog to be specialized in any area. You just need a letter from your physician recommending you to have an emotional dog with one or more qualifying health conditions such as anxiety, depression, panic attacks, PTSD, and bipolar disorders.

Therapy Dogs

These dogs are rapidly gaining popularity across the globe. Therapy dogs are often used at the airports during the holiday season, they participate in stress-relief sessions, and even are used to accompany children in schools. These dogs perform closely along with their owner and offer help to individuals with emotional and mental complications. These dogs are often employed for patients suffering from stress or trauma.

Benefits of having a therapy dog

Unfortunately, therapy dogs are not allowed by owners of restaurants and landlords. Their entry is denied at public parks, buildings, and airlines like any other normal dog.

How to apply for therapy dog registration?

They don‘t spend their time in training with their owners nor are they required to perform specific tasks for an impaired person. They don’t need certification to become therapy dogs. Still some organizations require them to be registered in the United States Dog Registry.

Apply for free service dog registration today

Your pet dog can become a service dog with some appropriate training and the correct set of certifications. With its proper registration, you can avail yourself of benefits as well as save a good amount which you may have to pay for a normal dog at places.

Consider your dog to register today to be a service dog, therapy dog, or emotional support dog. The registration process is much easier and it doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg too. Just start off with the process and you would be good to go.

You can do some research knowing your pet dog’s traits. Thorough online research can open up several doors to consider while you are wondering about which category to select for your dog to register. Look for the requirements, process, and available options.

Similar to anything else, it’s always a better option to research and have recommendations before you make any move towards your final decision. It is suggested that you compare 3-4 options for each category before reaching a final point. The research will unveil the associated pros and cons that you may be missing.