Two people died yesterday in a horrific car accident on Sunday night in Westlake Village. People of the region answered a smoke call close to Circle Canyon Skelton.

The car was completely engulfed with flames when the police arrived at the scene and the two passengers were considered dead on the spot.

The car had crashed into a tree causing it to cut into half and blowing up in flames leaving little intact.

After it was revealed that one person was the younger brother of Frank Ocean people started offering condolences.

Paris Brosnan, son of Actor Pierce Brosnan expressed his grief while sharing a few pictures of him and with the caption highlighting how talented and pure-hearted Breaux was. He further continued to pay respects to his friends and family.

Brosnan was very humble in his post and immensely thankful to Breaux for being with him through the ups and downs, the studio gatherings, and all the times they shared. He also mentioned that Breaux will always remain in his heart.

The officials have not yet confirmed the identities of the victims of the accident formally. The identity of the driver or the cause of the fatal crash was not readily evident, but officials claim that speed appears to be the cause of the accident.