Francis died in Sydney, Australia on Sunday, at the age of 33.

Two days before his death, the beloved actor showed himself as a child in an Instagram photograph, emphasizing the pain he experienced.

The Daily Mail says his family claimed that the love-giving actor was experiencing the return of old injuries and high school trauma, which he acknowledged was a cause of pain for the world in his last Instagram post.

The family believes that the culture in which we live now is a weight on a lot of people’s shoulders, especially the artists who have suffered from Covid lockdowns throughout their careers.

At this terrible moment, the family concluded by asking for privacy and thanking everyone who loved Francis for his beautiful words of love and support.

Francis’s death was initially published via a campaign by GoFundMe to gather money for the transfer of his corpse to New Zealand for his burial by his brothers Laurence and Jeremy.

Francis was a dynamic leader and a loving brother and son, according to her family. He was a famous actor who found in Sydney a family group that was kind and lovely. All those lucky enough to meet him will sorely lack his contagious smile and lively demeanor.

According to the co-star and friend of Francis Paul Layton, the actor is not always focused because of the uncertainty of his future. He says that these days there seems to be a number of people who die in isolation, which no one talks about.

In every aspect, Paul says he was a wonderful guy.

On Facebook, Layton also penned his friend’s ardent homage, sharing the late actor’s pictures and remembering him as his friend’s nicest.

He expressed how much it hurts him to know that without him, the world is not so bright.

Francis has felt a little strange lately, according to Director Pierre-Nicolas Panasci. But, in pushing him to be more hopeful, he compensated for that.

Francis Mossman was born in New Zealand and began acting on Shortland Street in 2007. After his achievements, he moved to Sydney and took part in the Spartacus TV series.

Francis’s mother, Reginald’s father, and two younger siblings are left behind by Francis.