PARIS – France is on the verge of lockdown after the country reported record-breaking 271,686 Covid cases on a daily basis on Tuesday.

As per the news received from the region, the daily increase in the Covid cases is burdening hospitals and disrupting the country’s transport and schooling system.

The French government plans to pass a Covid vaccination bill through parliament with the aim to protect hospitals and prevent strict lockdown that could crush the country’s economy.

“#France’s #Parliament is examining the #VaccinePassport bill this week. Ppl are protesting outside #AssembleeNationale”, Tweet.

However, with the increasing cases being recorded in Europe, France finds itself in a challenging situation. The daily Covid cases average in France has gotten doubled in just one week, with an infection rate of 1,671 of every 100,000.

Meanwhile, Britain is also facing a spike in the Covid cases after reporting 218,274 cases per day on Tuesday. On the other hand, Germany has not reached its peak as it reported 30,561 daily cases.

Around 20,000 individuals have been hospitalized in France due to Covid, and the number has been constantly increasing for weeks now. However, the rise in the infection rate has not been reported as yet.

72 percent of the Covid patients have occupied ICUs in France, and most of them have not been vaccinated against the virus. However, 77 percent of the country’s population has gotten both doses.

As per the current death reports, 123,000 infected people have died in France, making the highest death toll across the world.

An increasing number of individuals are unable to continue their work as some are sick and the rest are possible carriers. The current crisis in the country is forcing some regional trains to close down and disrupting hospitals systems. The French government has begun taking strict measures against Covid by imposing mask mandates even in outdoor places in addition to indoor. The current spike also forces the April presidential election candidates to postpone campaign events.