Former US Vice President under President Jimmy Carter, Walter Mondale, breathed his last on Monday at the age of 93 in Minneapolis. He was remembered for his doting role as the vice president and as a person who reinvented the role of vice president in his tenure. His colleagues and politicians from across the country poured in condolence messages as soon as the news made headlines.

President Joe Biden issued a long statement late on Monday recalling his fond memories of the ex-Vice President. He stated that Mondale was the first person to greet him back in 1973 when he first made it to the Senate. Biden shared a long friendship with Mondale and paid an unwavering tribute to him.

Mondale’s family did not disclose the cause of death, but it is believed that he died of natural causes.

Walter Mondale served as an Attorney General in Minnesota from 1960 to 1964 and later on as the US senator from 1964 to 1976. He served as the Vice President under President Jimmy Carter from 1977 to 1981.

Walter Mondale was accredited for passing instrumental laws such as Fair Housing Act, which prevented racial discrimination in the housing sector. He was also credited for passing Title IX, a federal civil rights law, which opened newer horizons of opportunities for women.

Former President Jimmy Carter issued a statement stating that he mourns the passing of Walter Mondale, a dear friend, who in his opinion was the best Vice President in the history of America.

The statement further showered accolades on Mondale’s career as a politician and a public servant. He paid tribute to Mondale and said that he lived an exemplary life. Carter further extended his condolences to the grieving family.

Vice President Kamala Harris also released a statement mourning the loss of a great human being who led an extraordinary life and served his nation in the best possible manner. She also gave him credit for his service to the U.S. Army during the Korean war and acknowledged his services to the country as a senator.

Former Presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama also issued condolence messages regarding Mondale’s death.

Mondale was the first Vice President to occupy an office within the premises of the White House instead of a building across the street. He reinvented the role of No. 2 in the political scenario of the United States of America.