Former President Donald Trump tasted a sweet vote of confidence when the Conservative Political Action Conference attendees voted him to run for the White House in 2024 in an informal straw poll.

The Conservative Political Action Conference is termed as an informal audition for the presidential contenders from the Republican party, but this time around the three-day session was majorly overpowered by Trump enforcing a clear indication that he can run for the next possible run in 2024.

Donald Trump has religiously propagated that the election of 2020 was a voter’s fraud with the help of tech companies skewing the votes through censorship and favoritism. He has also accused the “radical left” to have cheated and as a result, the November election of 2020 was a “disgrace to the nation.”

In a short speech at the CPAC, Trump entices the crowd by saying that it would be nice to run as a president again in 2024 with the crowd chanting in return “Four more years! Four more years!”

Even though the Republicans are planning to craft a movement for next year’s midterm elections and crack the popularity quotient of president Biden and his administration, it was quite visible in the Dallas meeting that many republicans are more than happy to have Donald Trump lead them in the next elections.

The huge success at the informal straw poll of CPAC also determined that most of the republicans also think that Trump was stripped off from victory as the elections of 2020 were fraudulent.

In the Dallas CPAs, Trump stated that Democrats are trying to use the law and governmental power to silence all “political opponents” so that they can advance their radical agenda into the population of America without any hindrance.

“The radical left democrats are turning the law itself into a weapon for partisan persecution” stated Trump while eluding his agenda of making a comeback to silence opponents.

The straw poll at the CPAC is said to be an unsolicited and unscientific survey from the attendees and it in no way reflects the broader electorate of the republican party.