SB Nation Reacts is a popular survey forum for fans of the NFL and other leagues.

In their surveys, fans from across the country participate. These are passionate fans we are talking about here. Anyone can join the survey by just signing up on the website.

The fans were confident about the San Francisco 49ers when the season started but after losing to Arizona Cardinals, that confidence shattered.

The team did try to come back and pulled off some wins at the MetLife Stadium, but those wins were considered insignificant in front of this loss and it could not cover for it.

After that, San Francisco lost to Philadelphia Eagles which dropped the confidence down to 71%.

The polling by Jets fans is around 3% whereas the Detroit Lions polling is at 9 percent. With the points at 2-2, there could be difficulties. It is expected that the team would be able to outperform the Miami Dolphins but time will tell what happens.

The Seattle Seahawks are at an excellent 98% followed by Los Angeles Rams at 94%. The Cardinals are in a similar case to the San Francisco 49ers but much worse than them as they have fallen from 81% to a whopping 32%.

The voting for the best team in the NFL took place and the results are quite interesting. Around 70% of voters had the opinion that Kansas City Chiefs is the best team ever. Whereas 10% voted for Seattle making it second, followed by Green Bay that grabbed the third spot. With a 5% vote, the Buffalo Bills took the 4th place.

On the contrary, the voting for the worst team also took place in which the Jets appeared to be the worst with a 70% voting. Then the Giants were considered the second-worst team with a 15% vote. The Texans and the Falcons followed.

Another curious question was raised that if the American football quarterbacks, Cam Newton could have changed the result of the game between the Patriots and the Chiefs.

A poll for the most exciting games was updated according to which Bills vs. Titans was considered the most exciting by a majority of fans, around 39%. Followed by Raiders vs. Chiefs.