An increase in the spread of deadly diseases like dengue, Zika, yellow fever, and chikungunya is alarming. To combat these diseases, Florida has come up with a strategy of releasing around 750 million mosquitoes that are genetically modified.

The world is already going through a pandemic. Currently, no further diseases and death risks can be dealt with. So to take adequate measures immediately, Florida will be playing the role.

These mosquitoes are specially engineered with a modified genetic system. These specially modified mosquitoes will ensure the reduction of those mosquito species which are causing deadly diseases.

According to the plan, the mosquitoes will be released in 2021 and 2022, in the Florida Keys. The mosquitoes are expected to spread genetic changes. This mutation will further produce female mosquitoes that will die before they transmit the disease germs into humans. So basically, the mosquitoes will be dead before they reach the hatching period.

There are further plans to expand this mosquito release to other states as well. It is expected that this scheme will initiate a reduction in the total cost of insecticides that come with the mosquitoes. It is estimated that around $1 million of state funds for mosquito control are utilized for buying insecticides.

The use of excessive insecticides has also caused many environmental issues. These toxic sprays are extremely harmful that are causing ozone depletion. With this newly launched experiment, environmental issues will also be decreased.

There is also some opposition to the mosquito release plan. The residents and environmental authorities have protested the plan.

According to them, the inclusion of a huge number of mosquitoes will have serious threats to the environment and the residents.

It can also result in a much greater number of mosquito productions in South Florida, which will become hard to control.