The outbreak of the coronavirus has led to many hardships for hospitals and front line workers. One of these being the shortages of PPE equipment hospitals are facing for their staff. However, one angelic citizen has been working tirelessly to make sure these doctors and nurses are also able to stay safe while saving everyone else’s lives.

A woman in Florida, Tina Tran has been busy sewing masks at her home after recently being forced to close her tailoring shop called Tina’s Master Tailors as a result of the pandemic. To make effective use of her time and left-over materials, Tina thought she would start giving back to the community by making masks for her family, friends, and even frontline workers.

Tina says she had been reading headlines about mask shortages in hospitals and thought to help these hospitals. She initially made 30-40 masks and upon the suggestion of her husband, Hung Nguyen, distributed these as free samples to all of the local hospitals.

According to Nguyen, a Trust Bank branch leader, the very next day Advent Health’s emergency nurse showed up at the bank and asked him for more masks like the ones delivered the previous day. He generously gave the nurse 80 more masks for free and the next day people from another hospital’s security team showed up also wanting more masks.

Later on, Tina was requested by one of her clients to start making masks specifically catering to the needs of doctors dealing with corona patients. The hospital provided Tina with all the required fabrics and materials needed to make these medical masks and after learning how to properly make them from instructional videos, she got right on the task.

Alongside this, Tina has also been spending time teaching members from her local church who were already familiar with sewing, how to make face masks. Tina also received donations of fabric from the Church and together they have been able to make over 1000 face masks, which they distributed in the community for free.

Tina explained how heart-warming it is for her when she receives pictures from her people wearing her masks, feeling so happy that she can help keep them safe and plans to continue doing so.