Florid achieved a new distinction of becoming the leading state in the spread and transmission of coronavirus. Arkansas closely follows by.

According to the data published by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; almost all counties of the state of Florida are listed as having “high” levels of virus spread and transmission among the community.

The CDC has listed Arkansas, Louisiana, Alabama, Missouri, and Mississippi under the states having high levels of transmission of the virus. The CDC considers a county as a high transmission region, if there are more than 100 cases of coronavirus identified per 100,000 citizens or if the county has been declaring a continuous 10% or more positivity rate in a week.

The CDC revealed that almost 44% of the counties across the United States of America are listed in this category as the covid positivity rate increases throughout the country.

For seven consecutive days, Florida has reported an average of 10,452 positive cases every day. This average makes Florida comprising 67 counties to report almost a quarter of all the positive cases being reported in America.

Florida has also surpassed the average of covid-19 deaths in a week than any other state of America. It reported 282 deaths in the last week.

The Director of Infection Prevention at the University of Florida, Chad Nielsen stated that “we could be an entire hospital full of covid in a matter of a month if things don’t begin to slow down or vaccinations don’t start right away.”The hospitals across Florida have started to grapple amongst the surging cases of covid-19.

According to the stats published by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; Florida has a vaccination rate of 48.5%.

America is heading towards another wave of covid-19 cases and if the vaccination process is not sped up, there might be a possibility that by next month over 200,000 cases per day will be recorded.

The governor of Arkansas, Asa Hutchinson stated that they need to buckle up the measures to get people vaccinated. This is one of the most pivotal moments in the race against the coronavirus pandemic. As the Biden administration plans to open up schools and bring back life to normalcy, these surging cases might negate all the efforts and push back the country into another standstill.