Florida – Investigation revealed that the mysterious “voice in the rubble” was an LA music executive who died in the surfside condo collapse last year.

According to the investigation, it was initially believed that the voice belonged to Valeria Barth, a 14-year-old another victim of the condo collapse who was visiting her parents from Columbia for a tennis tournament.

The rescuers at that time did not have enough equipment to reach out to her and by the time they did, she had already perished to death by the fire caused by the rescuers’ equipment. A recent investigation cleared the misunderstanding that it was not the teenager who was initially termed as the “voice in the rubble.”

The Miami-Dade deputy fire chief Raied Jadallah stated that the voice in the rubble was of 36-year-old Theresa Velasquez who was a music executive belonging from Los Angeles. She was visiting her parents in Miami at the time of the condo collapse.Theresa Velasquez died along with her parents’ 66-year-old Julio Velasquez and 60-year-old Angela Velasquez who lived in apartment no. 304 of the Champlain towers south.

According to the rescuers, the voice of the rumble belonged to a woman whose English appeared to be native and did not have an accent. She had an excellent vocabulary and sentence syntax. The voice had called out to be rescued and had stated that she was visiting her parents and was trapped in the rubble.

The deputy chief of Miami-Dade submitted the detailed 11 pages report recently confirming that the voice indeed belonged to Theresa instead of the teenager ending the speculations revolving around the voice of the rubble.

Both the families of the deceased Barth and Velasquez have accepted these new conclusions as both of their relatives couldn’t make it out alive of the collapsed condo building.

Last week, the relatives of the deceased in the collapse reached out to a settlement of almost $1 billion which was accelerated through a judicial process to bring closure to the grieving families.

The Miami court announced on Wednesday a total payout of $997 million to the families of 98 people who lost their lives in what is believed to be one of the deadliest structural building collapses in recent times. The final payout came out to be much more than initially predicted and the case was settled in a very quick fashion.