A Florida judge ruled on Monday that no photos, camera footage or autopsy records regarding Bob Saget’s death will be released to the news agencies after the late actor’s family requested the court to block the release.

“Records related to the investigation into Bob Saget’s death won’t be released, a judge in Florida ruled.

Saget’s family requested to keep the information private after graphic videos and photos of his body were released by officials after his death,” AP News Tweeted.

During a court hearing in Florida, Judge Vincent Chiu said that he would “issue a permanent injunction that had been requested by Saget’s widow, Kelly Rizzo, and his three daughters”.

Earlier this year, when the actor died in January, his family refused to release any information regarding his death to the media outlets as they were already going through a lot.

While all the medical records, as well as the pictures and footages, will be kept confidential, the remaining 57 photos of the hotel room where Bob Saget was staying will be released, said the family’s lawyer in a recent statement.

Moreover, the bodycam videos recorded outside the hotel room will also be released, except for those made inside the room.

The actor was found dead in a hotel room with a head injury after a stand-up show in January. The head injury is believed to be the cause of his death.

During Good Morning America’s recent episode, attorney Tom Porto talked about the court’s decision and the possible reasoning behind it in Bob Saget’s case.

“This is such a sensitive topic area, that being a death and having photos just, you know, the public adoration for Mr. Saget didn’t trump those privacy interests of his family in this scenario,” he said.

Porto further stated that “in this circumstance the prosecutor, district attorney has decided that this did not need to be investigated any further. While tragic, I do believe that is the best outcome to protect his family and their privacy interests.”

The beloved actor’s family said they are grateful to the court’s decision ‘to preserve the dignity” of their late family member.

After the actor’s death, his wife, Kelly Rizzo, had a heartfelt conversation on ‘Good Morning America’ and described her last chat with the husband, saying, “He was just on his way home or back to his hotel and just was telling me what a wonderful show he had and how it was so amazing.”