Joe Biden has sent a confusing message in the presidential debate regarding his support for the Radical left. He has claimed to not supporting Bernie Sanders several times in the debate.

In the past, Joe Biden has supported radical ideas as he has unity with the US Senator, Bernie Sanders. However, in this debate, he had a different tone. When asked about the Green New Deal, Biden refused to support it. But right before denying, he said that the deal would pay for itself. Whereas, on the website, it says that the deal is essential for meeting climate changes.

As people criticized Biden for the conflicting remarks, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez came forward and defended Biden by tweeting that she is a part of his Climate Unity Task Force because she wants to do something about the climate and she is very much concerned about it despite her differences with Joe Biden. She further said that Trump doesn’t even believe that climate change is real.

When the President questioned his opponent about his party’s stance on healthcare, Biden rejected it saying that he does not support the idea of a socialist medicine or socialist healthcare. He calls himself a democrat.

Donald Trump criticized him for his stance over the police. Joe answered by explaining that defunding the police would not be a good idea and he is not in its favor. He believes that the police should be given the resources and opportunity to maintain peace in the country. He continued by claiming that not every cop is bad and that this is not how you can find out the solution.

Biden was clearly distancing from the radical left as he said that he has beaten Bernie, and he is not going to listen to him if he does not agree with it.

Trump tweeted after the debate calling Joe a “weak leader” and claiming that Biden had lost the votes of the radical left.

Bernie Sanders, on the other hand, says that he will ask his supporters to vote for Biden and he’s working hard for him to win.