Avi Loeb, a Harvard Professor does not seem to give up on the idea of alien technology. He wants people to understand the importance of the interstellar object, which was discovered back in 2017. He believes that Oumuamua is from alien technology and that the community must embrace this fact.

It was a different piece of object. One that researchers have never seen before. The object disappeared from the solar system in 2018.

Oumuamua is more relatable to the comet than to an asteroid. The composition of the object is still under discussion.

Loeb strongly believes in the alien community. He holds the point of view that there resides another intelligent society in the space. He believes that Oumuamua was an artificial object.

Robert Weryk, the person who discovered Oumuamua did not believe it was an artificial object. He believed that it was an asteroid or any other natural object in space.

The fact that it was moving at such a high speed with an inclined path, led the scientists to believe that it was an interstellar object. And it is believed to be the first interstellar object ever being observed in our solar system.