Football fans are excited about the new features of FIFA, which will be featured in FIFA 21 that is set to release on the 6th of October.

EA Sports has launched Ones to Watch cards which are live cards that upgrade when the players in real-time achieve a performance reward like scoring a hat trick or winning titles like ‘Man of the Match’.

This is the first promotion of the FIFA Ultimate team season in four years.

The first of the two biggest news regarding the off-season is that Thiago Silva has upgraded to a bigger club by leaving Paris Saint-Germain F.C. and joined Chelsea. The other important news is that David Silva is said to be departing the English football club, Manchester City for the king sports team, Real Sociedad.

So, EA Sports decided to launch a player pick vote for these two remarkable footballers. This is a really tough choice as at this early stage of FUT 21, neither of them seems to be a fit for this poll.

 Ziyech, and Bale. These are just a few of the total players

In football, the player’s pace is a very crucial skill and both players appear to lack it. However, Thiago might have an advantage because of his history, which is much better than his opponent’s.

The full campaign is expected to launch on the 9th of October as mentioned on FIFA’s website. You can simply vote by logging in to FUT21 and choose the player you think is the most talented. The winner will get Ones to Watch SBC.

There will be a total of two teams in the campaign. The other football players include Werner, Ziyech, and Bale. These are just a few of the total players.

There are a set of conditions according to which you will be given the OTW teams. If you are lucky to have the Ultimate edition ordered, you will surely get the OTW item.

The teams you can get, depends on the date you open the pack. If you open it between the 9th and 16th of October, you can only get OTW team 1, whereas if you open it between the 16th and 21st of October, you only get the second team. You can get both teams if you open the pack any time after those dates.

For promotional purposes, Real Madrid players played a fun game in which they had to decide each other’s FIFA 21 ratings.