2021 FIFA game trailer is launched and gamers are drooling over it. It shows the new features being added in the game and also explains how the players will be able to utilize those features. 

The new features include improved dribbling. It is named as dribbling in the game. The most interesting new feature is the addition of the rewind mode. This feature will help the player take another go at a similar move in a match.

Agile dribbling on FIFA 21 is additionally helped by the arrival of two new moves. These moves are called bridge dribble and ball roll.

Trailer for FIFA 2021 Gameplay shows several features including Rewind

Agile dribbling will permit the players more tight control of the ball. This will prove to be a big advantage when encountering a defender. 

Past FIFA games had Faced up Dribbling, which permitted players a more straightforward command over the ball. Agile Dribbling serves a similar function, even though it is somewhat less complex to execute. 

The direction of runs of a player’s teammates can be controlled. Directed pass and go can help in performing quick one-two passes.

FIFA 2021 also includes another feature named ‘Positioning Awareness’ 

The feature includes helping the player on the pitch, aiding the defender in recognizing danger, and a lot more.

Another feature is the Natural Collision System. It helps in a smoother player interaction all over the pitch during a match. A new competitor mode will also be introduced in the new FIFA game. 

Furthermore, players will also be able to rewind missed opportunities and make new moves on FIFA 2021. 

The game is expected to release on October 9 on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.