An explosion was heard in the city of Nashville as the authorities rushed to the place to investigate. It is believed by the authorities that it was a deliberate act to distort the celebrations of Christmas Day.

The police spokesman Don Aaron said that this explosion was an act of intent. There can be multiple reasons for a person to go to such extremes and the reason is still being investigated.

As soon as the explosion was heard; black smoke and fire were seen on the place of the incident. As a result of this explosion, a total of three individuals were injured and sent to the hospital.

It is believed that a vehicle may be involved in this explosion, but nothing can be said with surety right now. No one was severely injured as a result of this explosion, but it is an imminent threat to the city.

Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) was also seen at the site of the crime which is not unusual in case of an explosion. To accompany them, police and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, And Explosives were also present to investigate.

Whenever an explosion occurs in a city, the first thing that comes to mind is the safety of the people, a spokesperson for ATF commented.

It is comforting to see a statement coming from ATF as the distress was seen in the city after the explosion. The entire city was jolted by the thought of the explosion nearby as they prepared for their Christmas Holiday.

The fear of the people in Nashville is justified as the buildings shook in the area of the explosion. Many windows of the nearby buildings were also shattered and four cars were on fire, but thankfully no one was hurt.

The police and the FBI are taking all the necessary measures to ensure the safety of the people in the entire city. This explosion occurred in a place packed with people because of the different restaurants there.

People of Nashville are frequent visitors to downtown because of restaurants, bars, and retail shops. It is considered to be the hub of shopping for the people of Nashville and therefore, the explosion is concerning for the authorities.