ON WEDNESDAY, the U.S FDA (Food and Drug Administration) authorizes Pfizer booster shots for senior citizens and health care workers, paving the way for making 3rd doses available early in the coming week.

The authorization would allow anyone over 65 and as young as 18 to get the boosters and all those who are at potential risk of catching Covid infection due to the nature of their jobs.

FDA’s commissioner, Dr. Janet Woodcock, stated that the workers who will be getting the boosters will include “health care, teachers and grocery store, as well as people in prisons and homeless shelters”

In a recent statement, she said, “This pandemic is dynamic and evolving, with new data about vaccine safety and effectiveness becoming available every day,” and added, “As we learn more about the safety and effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccines, including the use of a booster dose, we will continue to evaluate the rapidly changing science and keep the public informed.”

The FDA’s independent scientist suggested last week that the vaccination makes the body immune to the Covid virus, but its impact wears off after six months of the 2nd dose. Eventually, it will put the lives of certain age groups at high risk.

FDA expected to approve booster shot for Pfizer COVID vaccine l GMA

LAST WEEK, the FDA committee said that the data available does not show any necessity to mandate the 3rd dose.

Instead, the panel suggested an extra shot of vaccine for people aged 65 and above and the front line workers as well.

Now the final decision will be for the Centers for Disease Control, and Prevention to make and confirm which age groups require the Pfizer boosters.

The FDA authorization followed certain weeks of debate, where some of the regulators challenged the requirement for having boosters for the general population of the US. In addition, state officials and public health experts have criticized what they called a confusing public message. Some of the messages include a message received from the White House in August, in which President Joe announced booster shots for American adults after having their first dose, but the vaccine goes under pending approval.

The US now also joined France, Israel and Germany in offering boosters which will be distributed in the poorer countries which still require first and second doses.