The Food and Drug Administration has recently approved a blood purification device for coronavirus patients. This device will help the patients who are suffering from the novel coronavirus and have been taken to the intensive care unit due to respiratory problems. Most of them are 18 years or above and will receive a treatment making use of the blood purification system.

The blood purifying machine decreases the number of agents that cause inflammation in the bloodstream of the infected individual. The blood of the patient is then passed through the filters and pumped back to their body.

The protein in the individual’s body gets inflated when he or she gets infected which causes chronic inflammation and can ultimately result in the failure of lungs/ other organs and at times, death.

The FDA Commissioner stated that to find out the right medication technique they would continue carrying out experiments across the sectors. The potential therapies that exist would be made accessible to every patient to every length they can go.

He also added that with this blood purification system getting authorized, it is expected that the extent to which the virus becomes deadly can be greatly reduced. The accessibility of the critical patients to the treatment options has been increasing and with that, the gravity of the situation can be controlled.

The FDA is a part of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services who has the responsibility of safeguarding public health. They do so by making sure the drugs whether the ones for humans or the veterinary ones are safe to use, effective, and secure.