The ‘Oath Keepers’, has an outlook of an organized militia group, and has been allegedly involved in the Capitol Hill riots.

They are supporters of Donald Trump wear military costumes and combat helmets as outfits used by some of the protesters and have been seen in videos and photos doing illegal activities.

Their role in raiding this very important area of American politics and created havoc like never before in the recent history of the nation.

They can be easily recognized in the videos when they entered government buildings and looted sensitive computers.

The ‘Oath Keepers’ has gained immense popularity in the Trump era and distinguished themselves as the stanch followers of Trump.

The ‘Oath Keepers’ group was founded back in 2009 when Barack Obama was elected and it became the boldest movement against democrats.

The group has presumably more than 30000 active members and has an extremist outlook.

Stewart Rhodes, former military personnel is the founder of the group who is still active even when most of the group members are in detention and the FBI is investigating them.

Although many members of the group have been detained the leader of the group Stewart Rhodes has not been touched by any law enforcement agency. This is bolding him and his coming as more vocal of extremist views.

Rhodes is still spreading his extremist views by not accepting the election results and thinks that enemy powers are behind in ousting the Trump government.

The group has all types of the member which includes policemen, border guards, and some think that various secret service agents are also part of the group. It makes a strong group with the capacity to challenge law enforcement and security agencies.

The “Oath Keepers” have actively proclaimed their views since 2013 and have been openly vocal of white supremacy and propagate various conspiracy theories.

When Donald Trump was elected in 2016, the ‘Oath Keepers “consider it their victory when they had their own White House representative.

The FBI is concerned about further violence by the group when “Oath Keepers” members have weapons and military experience.

Up to 25,000 troops have been investigated as many of the military personnel have a soft corner for the ‘Oath Keepers”