Wildfire erupted in a California forest resulting in hundreds of campers and nearby residents being rescued by air support. According to reports, the fire originated at Sierra National Forest as a result of an accident at a nearby campground.

The spread of the fire engulfed nearly 56 square miles, resulting in massive smoke clouds over the region. Nearby communities, such as Huntington Lake, were also engulfed in the growing flames.

According to Madera Country rescue operations, any attempt to evacuate residents and campers is made difficult to the intensity of the fire and the subsequent wreckage of the forest. Nearly 150 people, amongst 10 of obtained injuries, were stuck in the flames.

In a post by the Fire Department of Fresno, the authorities stated that rescue operations were underway and that 63 people had been rescued via military assistance. Nearby buildings and other infrastructure are at risk of getting caught in the fire.

The speed of the fire has caused evacuation orders to be issued in nearby areas. Local sheriff’s departments have announced the closure of public lakes and parks for non-essential personnel.

US Forest Services announced that the fire had not yet been contained in any respect. Investigations are underway to find the cause of this spread whilst an increasing number of firefighters are deployed to the area to control the damage.

Many areas in and around California have been closed to the public. Those involved in hiking and other forest-related activities have been advised to refrain from such outings.

The rescue operations have been hampered as a result of the soaring temperatures in the area. Areas such as the San Fernando Valley have recorded temperatures as high as 117 degrees Fahrenheit.

Temperatures across California are expected to rise after forest fires reported in both San Diego country as well as Southern California. The resultant heat wave is predicted to test the capacity of the electric power grid of the state, with officials urging citizens to conserve electricity in the coming days.