While most of the North Georgia counties earned good inspection scores in the ongoing week, personnel at one fast food restaurant in Chattanooga appeared negligent towards proper washing hands and the handling of food ingredients.

The Wendy’s, located on Rossville Boulevard, scored a 67. Inspectors revealed that employees were not seen washing their hands while the inspection was being carried out. One of the inspectors noticed that the place where eggs and other food items were stored was infested with insects. They also said that employees’ personal food-belongings were held in the facility’s refrigerator. They further added that the men’s bathroom appeared to be a complete mess with a dysfunctional soap dispenser.

Similarly, the Tri-State Exhibition Center in Bradley County managed a score of 74. The inspectors revealed that the person in charge of the facility lacked basic knowledge regarding appropriate cooking temperatures and the disease’s symptoms. One of the employees even touched food ingredients barehanded and there was no sanitizer for cleaning the utensils.

The pandemic is far from over, and it is likely to worsen as the winter season is approaching. Still, millions of people have been infected in the United States, with most of the older population at the brink. Regular inspections will be carried out in restaurants, hotels, pool, and gyms to ensure that appropriate measures are being religiously taken to contain the coronavirus spread. Strict action will be taken against all those public facilities that are not implementing essential practices.

It is high time that each citizen of the country takes responsibility and cooperate with the authorities. The ongoing pandemic is akin to a war that has to be fought collectively with health experts as the frontline warriors, obviously firmly backed by citizens’ army.

What’s our role in the pandemic?

Here is how people can play their respective role in eliminating the notorious virus:

 Always Wear a Mask in Public Places

Restaurants and other facilities are open for the public to enjoy, but they must wear a mask. Besides, they can also file a complaint against any restaurant breaching the standard operating procedures.

Wash Hands Regularly

Maintaining good hygiene is integral, especially when it comes to washing hands every 15 minutes or so. The coronavirus can stay on any surface for hours, including smartphones. The best way to curb its spread is by washing hands regularly.

Maintain Social Distance

It is no longer rude to stay at least 6 feet apart while holding a conversation with someone. Research conducted in this regard has confirmed that maintaining social distance in public places is the key to avoid contracting the disease. Therefore, while dining out or attending a party, social distancing is the new normal, at least, until the pandemic subsides.

Always Keep a Hand Sanitizer

Keeping a hand sanitizer is as essential as a mobile phone now. It is a disinfectant, and when the handwashing facility is not available, a sanitizer can be used as an alternate.

Taking these measures can certainly help stop the disease from spreading and killing more people.