The kin of the person killed from COVID-19 sued cruise lines named Carnival Cruise Line and said that the business purposely withheld the information regarding COVID-19 that travelers and crew had the virus and took no steps to stop the spread of the virus to fellow travelers in the cruise.

Ronald Wong, 64, who lives in San Francisco, died because of contracting COVID-19 while his spouse, Eva was on-board on the Grand Princess in February with him.

Ronald and Eva were positive for their coronavirus tests while they were permitted to depart to Oakland, and were asked to go to the Travis Air Force Base to quarantine.

The family blamed the cruise liners for authorizing the travelers to travel despite getting infected, on a prior Grand Princess voyage, 62 travelers and hundreds of staff members are infected with the COVID-19.

Attorney Alison Cordova, speaking in a comment, said that Carnival and Princess took many travelers on the Grand Princess.

This lawsuit is only one of many against the cruise operators.

The other two travelers of the Grand Princess sued the cruise company for one million dollars for not managing the COVID-19 outbreak well and say that its exposure to the virus now carries significant risks