The US Elections 2020 are around the corner. Facebook is a popular platform where people are free to share their views and opinions. With elections being a trending debate, Facebook has decided to put restrictions on posts that will cause any social disruption. 

According to a spokesperson, content that will cause any political tension regarding the election discussion will be censored. During elections, there can be content posted on Facebook, which can lead to unethical arguments and politically incorrect discussions. 

There have been certain discussions regarding Facebook that it serves as a platform that people use to gain votes or election support. At times, it also disseminates unauthentic and unconfirmed news regarding trending issues. 

To make sure that no social upheaval or tension occurs during the election period, Facebook will make sure to keep a check on every post. Nick Clegg stated that Facebook has introduced some latest policies that are specially formed to avoid any trouble during the elections. 

Clegg further mentioned that this is not the first time that Facebook is restricting unethical activities. It has happened earlier in different parts of the world where necessary restrictions were implied to avoid acts of civic uncertainty. 

During the election period in Sri Lanka and Myanmar, Facebook restricted some posts that were violating the policies. The posts made by some users comprised of false information regarding elections. The reach and engagement of those posts were restricted by Facebook. 

According to Clegg, a team of Facebook executives will thoroughly supervise the posted content and they will be making decisions accordingly. However, Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg will have the command to restrict or ban any post that will violate the policies. 

It was further explained by the Facebook officials that different decisions will be taken depending on the nature of a controversy that will take place due to the prohibited posts. 

According to a news report, Facebook has made another announcement regarding health-related groups that disseminate false information regarding vaccinations and diseases. Such content will also be reviewed and censored, if necessary.