It appeared that a number of users were affected by a glitch on Facebook earlier on Wednesday morning. These users complained that their news feeds were being flooded with posts made by random people tagging celebrity accounts. This led some users to question whether or not the platform had been hacked.

Important Facts

  • Users shared screenshots of their social media feeds, which seemed to be flooded with postings from strangers and which appeared to be directed towards the accounts of celebrities including  Lady Gaga, Kim Kardashian, Tom Cruise,  Robert Downey Jr., and many more.
  • Most of the posts on the timelines seemed to be from the fans of those celebrities.
  • It’s not clear if the problem has been fixed on its own, but at this, neither the desktop version of the website nor the mobile apps for iPhone and Android could face the problem.
  • The website DownDetector indicates that people had a lot of problems with Facebook earlier on Wednesday, but those problems seem to have been stopped.
  • Facebook’s parent company, Meta, told Forbes in a statement that it knew “some people are having trouble with their Facebook Feed,” and was working to get things back to normal.

Key Background

At least three major disruptions occurred in a month on Facebook and Instagram, two of Meta’s primary social media sites. On October 4, the greatest of such disruptions occurred, preventing billions of people from accessing Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. The company’s servers were down for six hours, the longest outage in its history, and Meta released a statement apologizing for the disruption and blaming a misplaced command during standard maintenance. Forbes reported at the time that the corporation might have lost as much as USD 100 million in sales due to the service outages.