An update was noticed by android and iPhone users this Friday as an updated screen popped up on Instagram.

According to the latest update, a new way to chat with friends has been created. On Instagram, the users will be provided with an option to update to a new kind of chat experience.

The features include more emojis, more reactions, a change in chat color, and chatting with friends who use Facebook.

The update is supposed to be fun and is an upgrade to lure users. This update is another way to keep the users occupied within the Facebook world.

Facebook stated that people without a Facebook account who use Instagram anyway will also be able to enjoy the new features.

Facebook has also included a new set of privacy tools so that users can be comfortable using the applications without any fear.

If an Instagram user does not want to be reached through people on his Facebook, the feature can also be switched off through the privacy tools.

The changes can be slightly confusing but Facebook insists that it is going to be fun for the users. Facebook seems to be trying to push down any new competition by using its market dominance.

Facebook has already declared that it will merge its messaging platforms so that cross messaging can happen between messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp users. CEO Mark Zuckerberg assured that the new system will be an end to end encrypted, just like WhatsApp chats.

Facebook is trying to test the new experience with the users so it can move forward and make new changes, more updates, and the latest innovations.