Technology is changing the world rapidly. In today’s world, social media is considered the main source of getting information of all sorts.

The popularity of social media apps has led to their increasing influence on sensitive issues like politics. Nowadays, people are more inclined towards social media for information rather than television.

Soon after, it came to light that social media apps need to be monitored and controlled to avoid the spread of misinformation and fake news. The biggest concern is what information is being circulated and how authentic users treat it to be.

Multiple information sources have been skeptical of what is shared during the 2020 presidential elections. As of today, social media is one of the biggest sources of sharing information; therefore it has become highly important to monitor it.

Many platforms have their censorship policy, which keeps the information authentic to an extent.

Around 300,000 user posts on Twitter were said to be spreading false information regarding the election and were labeled last week.

Twitter has introduced a feature that only enabled users to retweet by adding a comment. Like before, they could not retweet someone’s tweet like that.

Donald Trump was affected the most by this action as 34 percent of his tweets and retweets were labeled as being ‘disputed’ by Twitter.

When the president tweeted that he won the election, Twitter immediately took action by labeling the tweet and stated that the election results suggest otherwise. This label is directed to some other sources that are considered official and also to the current president, Joe Biden’s tweet declaring a win. Kamala Harris’s tweet is also mentioned in which she excitedly shares her and Biden’s victory.

Twitter also labeled Trump’s other tweets in which he claims the election to be rigged. The social media site also labeled this claim “disputed.” These tweets were mostly about how Trump thinks that voter fraud has led to false election results.

It was feared that Trump’s claims might shake the U.S citizens’ trust in the election process. Critics claim that the Republicans are trying their best to disrupt the country by making false claims of voter fraud.