This year’s FA Cup is becoming more exciting with big teams like Arsenal being kicked out of the tournament. And the competition is becoming difficult as two of the most favorite teams are facing each other.

Arsenal lost to Southampton and this is a major upset in football, which led to Arsenal getting out of the tournament. A big game between Liverpool and Manchester United is going to be held as Liverpool has already reached Old Trafford.

Tottenham and Chelsea will be looking forward to ending their feud with Wycombe Wanderers and Luton Town. They are their championship opponents that are posing a threat to their stay in the FA Cup.

After Arsenal was out of the Cup, West Ham and Brighton were able to make their way to the next round. This is one of the major upsets in this cup so far and more upsets are anticipated during the entire competition.

The game of the Wolves will also be interesting as no one so far in this tournament has shot on target against them. The only team that was able to make their way to the goal post of Wolves is Manchester City.

Raul Jimenez is the star player who is a great asset for the Wolves and without him, they might be lost. The manager believes that if they lose him before the big game, they are going to end up losing this important game.

Arsenal’s loss was a difficult one to digest even for Arsenal because it was an own goal that led to their defeat. Both the teams were struggling to maintain pressure on the other team by taking the attack again and again, but they failed.

In the game of 90 minutes, both the teams were only able to create a total of two shots on goal. Neither of them was able to score within those 90 minutes and the game became decisive after an own goal.

This was a devastating match for the fans of Arsenal because Arsenal was not playing badly. They were able to hold their team together against the tough competition, but luck was not in their favor on that day.

The following weekend is going to be one of the most exciting ones so far in the field of football. As teams are progressing into the next round, the natural drama of football is anticipated this weekend.