Liverpool, United’s great rival, could have won the title of English Premier League if it wasn’t stopped due to the global pandemic. The season cannot be played to a conclusion due to this, despite their 25-point lead.

Did Edwin Van Der Sar go beyond his capabilities when it came to Liverpool’s defense?

Even if the lockdown is easing, players are still raising concerns about the League’s return. The government announced that nothing can take place in England, at least until June 1.

Van Der Sars said in an interview that it would be harsh considering the quality of their game. He mentioned that it would be wise if they continue playing, if not, it would be acceptable if Liverpool wins.

Before football came to a stop in March, the Red Devils’ progress was unavoidable.

Ole Gunnar Solskjær won 10 out of 11 matches when he first started as a caretaker and further won 14 out of 19 matches. This also included the Champions League Victory.

Van der Sar, remembering Solskjær’s time, said that after the honeymoon period, they were going down but eventually started playing better.

They made progress with good results and they would need the places of Champions League. He advised that they should focus on the next season.

For the first time in history, with nine more games to play, The Dutch Eredivisie ended the season without crowning a champion.

Van Der Sars confirmed that both the players and the fans were extremely disappointed but it was not intelligent to put health at the stake.

Van Der Sars informed that most of their money comes from the supporters and the corporate boxes making it difficult to sign a player now with huge amounts of money.

Tottenham Hotspur broke many Dutch hearts in the last League which took five seconds too long.

Van Der Sars mentioned that if someone wants to play football, their dream becomes to reach the national and win the Champions or World Cup Trophy. In this regard, his journey went amazing.