Six people were hospitalized Monday afternoon after an explosion destroyed a house in a Dallas suburb, fire rescue authorities said.

Plano Fire Rescue verified through Twitter that an explosion occurred at the scene, but did not specify the reason. Atmos Energy Corporation, which is one of the nation’s biggest distributors of natural gas, aided in the inquiry.

According to fire authorities, one of the six persons hospitalized was extricated from the debris of the exploding house, while the other five were in a neighboring home.

Local news sources said that witnesses heard a succession of bangs that sounded like lightning. The majority of adjacent houses were also damaged, and the boom

A neighbor said that all of a sudden, she heard what she believed to be the shattering of her sliding glass door. He just saw two photo frames on the wall that fell down, and the sound and that were out of sync. She said that when her husband entered the garage, the roof had collapsed in.

Fire officials stated that they were assisted at the scene by members of the FBI and ATF, as well as Plano police, who brought a dog for explosives detection, though the trained dog did not discover any hazardous material or explosives, and police concluded that it was possibly not a crime scene.

Gas and electricity were shut off to the majority of the street’s houses until approximately 9:30 p.m., when officials from Oncor Electric and Atmos Energy decided it was safe to reintroduce gas and electricity.

The Mayor of Plano, John Muns, said that they are heartbroken by today’s tragedy in the City involving a home explosion. Numerous people sustained injuries. He said that they are keeping them and their families in our thoughts and prayers, wishing them a speedy and complete recovery.

He said that Plano Fire-Rescue is actively investigating the cause of the explosion and urged everyone to remember the victims in their prayers.”

The scene’s video footage shows rubble in the place of the house, as well as debris and timber strewn over the yard and onto the street.