It has been reported that Trump has signed an executive order regarding the COVID vaccine while doing that he has put Americans first, an approach he thinks that the country should always follow.

The executive order clearly states that the US citizens will be given priority before the country starts helping other nations. A meeting between the officials of Pfizer and the FDA happened last week and the former has received emergency usage approval or EUA for its vaccine. But before it happened, Trump had already ensured that his fellow Americans get the vaccine first after approval, so that life in the country can be brought back to normal as soon as possible.

The executive order provides clear guidelines to the concerned departments on how they should interact with different countries to put an end to this pandemic.

According to sources, the government has already secured considerable doses of the vaccine developed by Pfizer and BioNTech, which received approval earlier this month and people have already started getting vaccines in various states. Moreover, several celebrities and politicians have vowed to take the vaccine in front of the public including Barack Obama, Joe Biden among others.

Despite the fact that President Trump has been criticized left, right, and center for his handling of the pandemic, but this executive order of his prove otherwise. It shows that not only Trump by initiating Operation Wrap Speed was handling the situation better, but at the same time, he was trying his best to keep the economy afloat.

Donald Trump repeatedly mentioned that he cannot allow the pandemic to affect the economy to such an extent that it will become difficult for an average household to make a living. Moreover, the stimulus package he has introduced was also in line with helping Americans and keeping the economy afloat.

The second stimulus package got delayed due to political reasons, which Nancy Pelosi recently admitted. It seems that she didn’t want Trump or Republicans to take the credit for it and thus caused delays.