The evacuation operation of American citizens and troops from the besieged capital of Afghanistan has finally gained some momentum in recent days after the exhilarating and chaotic start when Kabul fell into the hands of the Taliban.

The Biden administration stated on Wednesday that as many as 19,000 people have been evacuated from the land of Afghanistan up till now by the US military and other coalition air operations in the past 24 hours.

The Pentagon stated that over 5000 people are still stranded at Kabul international airport waiting to be evacuated from the country on the US-led flights, which are leaving the runway every 45 minutes now.

As stated earlier, President of America, Joe Biden has instructed his administration to stick to the original decision of withdrawing the American troops from Afghanistan by 31st August.

The evacuation operation is much smoother now compared to what was witnessed in the early stages when the country’s democratic reign was dramatically ended by the Taliban taking over the country once again.

As per the reports, people are getting killed and crushed against the walls daily as they desperately wait in the airport premises to be chucked out of the country.

The number of people waiting to be evacuated is astronomical. People who have diplomatic ties and allies with American and NATO forces are the ones who want themselves and their families out of the country whereas the rest of the nation prepares itself to be left at the mercy of the Taliban.

What the future beholds, nobody knows but as for now, the chaotic and panic unrest at the Kabul airport has subsided and it is expected that the evacuation operation will be smoothly finished by 31 august 2021.