LONDON DESK — Google decides to contact a top EU court to file a review against the EU’s 2018 Android antitrust case in which the company was declared guilty of restraining competition in order to maintain the dominance of its operating system i.e. Android and a heavy fine was imposed. 

Google is currently challenging a 2018 verdict from the executive committee of the EU, which saw the search engine giant receiving a heavy fine i.e. €4.34 billion or $5 billion. According to some experts, this is one of the heaviest fines by the EU’s executive committee on any company for following anticompetitive behavior.

EU’s 2018 Android Antitrust Case: What is it about?

Out of the three penalties imposed on Google between 2017 to 2019, this is a big blow to the company. The total fine of all three penalties is more than over $8 billion.  Moreover, the others were focused on search and shopping and the California company is going to appeal to all three. However, the penalties also involved huge sums of money that according to the critics can easily be afforded by Google and that the fines haven’t done much to the total worth of Google.

The commission said that Google’s practices have restricted competition and reduction in choices for consumers. 

The company also argued in the case that just because their apps can be pre-installed on all Android phones, however, it doesn’t mean that the users are excluded from downloading the rivalry services.

The Commission also took issue with the payment of Google to wireless phones and carriers to exclusively pre-install the Google search app.