The United States of America rejects entry to European travelers sporting valid visas without any prior announcement or any reason. It has been noted that European nationals trying to enter the US through Dubrovnik, Croatia are being restricted from traveling. It is considered to be the shortest and the easiest way to enter America.

A large number of European countries have banned traveling to the US directly because of coronavirus restrictions since March of 2020. According to the rules, there are no direct flights to the US from the Schengen region of Europe.

The Balkan region is outside Schengen and easiest to travel from a bridge country. Croatia is one of them. But it has been noticed that European travelers who have valid visas for the US are declined to enter the US. There is no information regarding this decline and the US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) just doesn’t grant them permission to travel to America.

The Delta airline makes flights all around the week from Dubrovnik, Croatia to America. A spokesperson of the airline has stated that it is a routine check to deny clearance to the passengers bound for America but it has occurred more rapidly in recent days. He stated that European nationals traveling from Croatia have been affected the most and there is no clear information why it happened.

According to the reports, the passengers who were denied to travel were later on allowed to travel in adjustment flights but the mental trauma and the waste of time it caused is totally another story.