Covid cases in Europe, including death and hospitalization rate, are reportedly exceeding the previous waves after several countries in the region lifted Covid restrictions and developed plans to live with the virus – posing a big threat to the US where the cases were on the decline in the past few weeks.

“Western Europe coronavirus surge raises concerns that the U.S. could be next: Western Europe has been hit with a surge in coronavirus infections that is raising concerns that the United States could face another wave of COVID-19 cases”, Tweeted a source.

Key Facts:

  • Covid cases are surging in Europe, including the U.K., Ireland, France, Switzerland, Italy, and Finland – surpassing the highest records of Austria and Germany, says the recent data gathered by the WHO.
  • Moreover, countries including the UK, France, Belgium, and the Netherlands have started reporting an increase in the hospitalization rate, with Slovakia, Iceland and Ireland following the same pattern.
  • The current resurgence in Europe has further pressured the countries already dealing with the outbreak and now have embarked on fighting the worst wave of the pandemic.
  • While there is no one reason behind the current resurgence of the virus, Forbes cited that the “uptick is likely driven by a mixture of relaxed pandemic restrictions, waning immunity, and the more infectious BA.2 variant of omicron.”
  • Even though the hospitalization and death rate due to Covid have declined to a great extent in the US, Europe’s current Covid situation could affect other countries and most likely start another wave, said the infectious disease expert, Dr. John Swartzberg.
  • “What happens in Europe, and especially in the U.K., tends to happen in the U.S. with a few weeks lag,” he explained and added that “there’s every reason to think this pattern will hold for the immediate future.”