Euphoria season 2 is doing well beyond expectation! The new season of much-hyped Euphoria has given HBO Max the much-needed triumphant start in 2022 to combat with other digital screening outlets.

According to the reports, the sophomore premiere of the much talked about show drew about 2.4 million viewers across the world on HBO Max platform this Sunday night. The figures showed that this was nine times more than what season 1 of Euphoria had managed to garner when it premiered in June of 2019 on HBO Now and HBO Go.

HBO revealed that Euphoria’s season 2 debut is the “most successful season debut of any episode on the streamer since May 2020.”

Euphoria is produced in partnership with A24. It is a series that is loosely based on an Israeli series of the same name. Rue Bennet played by Zendaya is the main lead and along with her group of high school, friends struggle with the pressures of drugs, social media, and love in this modern age.

 According to the annual report, HBO Max enjoyed a fairly excellent year in 2021 and has been looking forward to the new year 2022.

The success of Euphoria gave the much-needed start to HBO max but the skepticism towards the revenue has still been washed away. There are still concerns about the business, the audience, and the maintenance of the momentum in the next year.

Euphoria season 2 provided hope to the streaming app that it can maintain a steady business to challenge its rivals such as Netflix, Disney+ and Amazon, etc. by producing original programs.

HBO has been considered one of the pioneers of modern television series thanks to the critical, cultural, and commercial success of Games of Thrones, The Band of Brothers, and The Sopranos.

At the moment it is very unlikely for HBO Max to be able to compete with Netflix, Disney plus because of the larger viewership figures of both these giants as well as market stability but at this growth rate, you never know when HBO Max surface this streaming behemoth.