Officials say that New Jersey Councilwoman Eunice Dwumfour was killed outside of her house while she was behind the wheel late on Wednesday night. She crashed her vehicle after being shot many times, which led to her death.

According to reports from ABC 7 News, Eunice Dwumfour, who was 30 years old, was discovered dead in the wreckage of her white Nissan SUV.

According to the authorities who spoke to the source, the Republican councilwoman was discovered with several gunshot wounds and was declared dead at the site.

RLS Media was informed by a number of residents that they saw the shooter fleeing the property in the direction of the Garden State Parkway, which borders the complex. There was no more information provided about probable identifying characteristics or a weapon.

The officials informed the source that Dwumfour, who also works for a Christian organization located in Nigeria, looked to be the intended target, but they emphasized that there was no evident motivation for the attack.

Charlie Kratovil, a community leader in Sayreville, shared a video on Facebook showing her SUV being taken away from the site. He referred to the incident as  “a huge loss for the Sayreville community.”

“I personally knew her to be a very kind person and public servant. May she rest in peace.”

Dwumfour has been the Democratic representative for the Borough of Sayreville since November 2021, when she won an upset election to unseat the incumbent who was serving in that capacity. The next time she would be up for election would not be until 2024.

Additionally, she served on the Human Relations Commission for the town of Sayreville. Mahesh Chitnis, a current member, said that she was “still processing the news.”

“I am shocked, scared and heartbroken,” she said of the shooting.

“She was shot while returning back home. She was a woman full of life,” she said. “Eunice, rest in peace my friend…”