Eternals is expected to release next month; meanwhile, Marvel fans have spotted some intriguing sneak peeks in the trailer already.

The upcoming hit is directed by the Nomadland director, Chloe Zhao, and is all set to release in November.

Even though the film has just released its trailer, the eagle eye fans couldn’t wait to spot what the film would feature.

Eternals is based on a race of immortals, who protect the Earth from supernatural powers. The antagonists who will be up against the immortals are the Deviants. They are expected to make a debut in the upcoming movie.

Inverse reported a theory that was posted on Reddit, which argues that Marvel might have indicated the arrival of Deviants into the MCU about six years ago.

When the trailer was released, one fan spotted a scene in the upcoming movie that was similar to Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015).

Specifically, they highlighted one scene in which an asteroid seemingly crashed into earth exactly as it happened in the Thor – in Age of Ultron.

In that film, Thor says, “I’ve had a vision. A whirlpool that sucks in all hope of life.”

Inverse further pointed, while Thor seems to be referring to the movie Infinity Stones, the curious Redditors notice that the choice of dialogues for superheroes reminds another scene from the Eternals newly released trailer.

In particular, the scene occurs at the 28th second of the trailer in which a big chunk of land falls into the deep sea.

The scene’s resemblance brings out the question of whether Thor indicated fans about the Deviants back in 2015?

Thor’s vision revealed the Ultron, Thanos, and Infinity Stones – However, it might be possible that the Deviant’s entry on the Earth was also cited.

If Marvel followed its tradition of setting up connections in advance, fans spotting similarities in the trailer might be intentional.

Whether it’s a coincidence or a planned step, either way, the Eternals trailer looks promising.