Paul Pierce is a popular name in the NBA League. After playing nearly nineteen seasons, Pierce retired and took up a role of an NBA analyst at ESPN. However, his time at ESPN has come to an abrupt end as the channel has fired him. He had joined ESPN before the 2017-2018 season. The news of his firing was first reported by First Office Sports.

It is believed that ESPN fired the Boston Celtics legend after he posted a racy video on Instagram Live. The video shows Pierce grooving to catchy tunes along with a couple of dancers in the room.

ESPN has refused to make any further comment on their decision. When news officials contacted representatives of Pierce, they also declined to provide any insight into the matter.

The racy nature of the video was a breaking point for ESPN, as the organization decided to pull the plug on Pierce’s position as an NBA analyst. Moreover, the video shared by Pierce is not only too explicit but is also seen as a clear violation of safety protocols. As seen in the clip, none of them are wearing masks or adhering to the measures that have been set by the network.

Although the situation doesn’t look too good for Pierce, he remains unperturbed. Soon after the news broke, he took to Twitter to post his clip, smiling, with the caption, “Big Things coming soon stay tuned make sure u smile #Truthshallsetufree.”

It seems that he is up to something and will soon come out to unveil the truth.

As far as his replacement is concerned, it is still unclear if ESPN will hire a new analyst or they will ask another analyst to take up his place.