Speedskater Erin Jackson wins Gold Medal at Winter Olympics 2022 calling it to be a “historic win for black girls.”

The 29-year-old Speedskater became the first-ever black woman to win an Olympic medal in speed skating.

She won the 500m race for women’s 500m race at the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics.

Erin Jackson was overwhelmed and completely ecstatic after the historic victory.

She stated, “If, for example, one young Black girl happened to see me out there racing and winning a gold medal…if one girl can be inspired by that to go out there and maybe chase her dreams—whether it’s in winter sports or anything in general—then I’d call that a win.

Erin said that she wants her success not only a “good example” but also diverse opportunities for girls especially in the field of sports.

She further added, “It means a lot and hopefully it can be a big jumping off point for the program and maybe for all the winter programs.”

Erin Jackson defeated Japan’s Miho Takagi to clinch the gold in the 500m race. She had slipped in the trials and it was doubtful whether she would compete in the finals or not but her teammate Brittany Bowe gladly gave her place to Jackson to go ahead in the competition. The result is phenomenal – Team USA won a gold medal in speed skating.

After winning the gold medal, Erin Jackson went straight to Brittany Bowe to celebrate and hugged her amidst tears.

 “We’ve done a lot of crying, a lot of hugging,” Erin recalled. “She’s told me how proud she is of me and I’ve told her, ‘We did it.'”

Erin said that it was a huge risk that they took but eventually it paid off. She hoped that Brittany would also win a medal of her own.

“We did what we set out to do,” she said. “It’s been great. I’m just glad that she put her faith in me and I was able to deliver on it. And now I’m just hoping that she’s going to end out the games with a gold medal around her neck.” Erin Jackson became the first black American woman to win this medal along with becoming the first ever American to win in this said event since 1994.