Renowned celebrity Erica Jayne has received an outpour of death threats on her social mediums. The actress who is widely known for her role in the “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” recently took to her Instagram to share the news.

In two distinct Instagram feed posts, Erica Jayne avenged her critics by posting clear screenshots. The first is a capture from the fan page of “Real Housewives”, which included a report of her incurring $25 million from her separated spouse’s law firm.

The report allegedly claimed that Jayne had spent this money on her beauty care and other credit card purchases. She even focused on a comment from a user who bluntly wrote how Jayne “needs to be executed.”

The 50-year old’s star posted the screenshots with the caption “Trying to kill me now? Stop threatening my life.” In another post, Erica Jayne continued to share screen captures, but this time it was a personal message sent to her account.

With a following of over 2.4 million, Jayne put up the message where a stranger had threatened her, and also told her to be more “worried about being in public.” Her Real Housewives of Beverly Hills costar Lisa Rinna came to her defense and asked Jayne’s haters to step back and consider them humans.

Rinna, who is also Jayne’s friend, had always supported her throughout the years. From immeasurable support to solid defense, Rinna truly sided with her co-star. She has even defended her once before on the “Watch What Happens Live” show.

Apart from getting death threats, Jayne has also been accused of several misdoings during the time of her separation from husband Tom Girardi. The star had allegedly filed for divorce from Girardi last year in November 2020.