HBO renews 'Westworld' for season 4

Season 4 of “Westworld” will be returning on HBO

One of the most loved HBO’s series Westworld is returning to screen with its fourth season. This came to light when Joy and Nolan had a major agreement last...
Demi Lovato has advice about mental health during the pandemic

Demi Lovato Advises About Mental Health Issues

Demi Lovato has been quite honest about the mental health issues she has faced in the past. She believes that people who suffer from mental health problems must seek...
Gwyneth Paltrow is auctioning off an Oscars gown for coronavirus relief

Gwyneth Paltrow to Auction the Oscar Dress for the People Affected from Pandemic

The funds raised from the auction of her Oscar dress will help sustain many of the families that suffered financial losses during the covid pandemic. The act of kindness was...
Comic-Con has been canceled due to coronavirus

Comic-Con 2020 has Been Indefinitely Postponed due to Covid-19

Among the many major events that were planned in 2020, Comic-Con scheduled to be held in San Diego has been indefinitely affected by the alarming situation caused by Covid-19. San...
Broadway star Nick Cordero had his leg amputated due to Corona virus complications

Nick Cordero Suffers Severe Complications during Corona Recovery

There have been a lot of physical implications for covid-19. Many patients with heart and blood pressure problems often go through a challenging period after being diagnosed with the...
Andrea Bocelli Music for Hope concert was the most streamed in the history of classical music

The live concert “Music for Hope” becomes the most viewed classical music

The virtual concert named by the classical singer Andrea Bocelli, “Music for Hope” was able to get a live audience of over 2.8 million and more than 30 million...