longest name in the world

How Names are formed and what is the longest Name in the world?

A name is more than a bunch of words mixed. It is a carefully chosen word that carries a special meaning and becomes the identity of a person for...
chris evans and lily james hotel photos london relationship dating rumors

Lily James Spotted With Chris Evans Heading Into London Hotel

Having missed Captain America, Chris Evans has recently been in the limelight. However, excitement attached to this news was short-lived as the paparazzi caught him spending the night with...
Carrie Underwood shares video Mike Fisher

Carrie Underwood Shares a Video of her new hobby with husband Mike Fisher on...

During the pandemic, we have seen people being involved in creative activities to keep themselves busy and occupied. Families have come closer to one another as people have more...
Playboy model Victoria Valentino on speaking against Bill Cosby

Playboy model Victoria Valentino on speaking out against Bill Cosby: ‘It was absolutely liberating

Victoria Valentino, a former playboy model, spoke up against Bill Cosby after remaining silent for 40 years in 2014. Valentino accused him of sexual assault along with 60 other women,...
best snake for a pet

What is the best snake for a pet- A brief recommendation

For some people, snakes can be a fearful animal to keep as a pet, and some might enjoy and love their company. But not all snakes are dangerous; some...
Alex Trebek, Ellen DeGeneres, win big at Daytime Emmys

The Young and the Restless’ won for the best drama category at Daytime Emmys

The first-ever Daytime virtual Emmys took place in June earlier this year. Multiple award winners spoke up against racial discrimination in the light of the Black lives Matter movement...
Angelina Jolie reveals She split from Brad Pitt for the Wellbeing of her Kids

Angelina jolie reveals the reason behind split from brad pitt; it is for the...

Angelina Jolie revealed in an interview with Vogue India that the decision to divorce Brad Pitt was for the betterment of her children. The couple was divorced back in...
Toy Story 3’ fan theory imagines disillusioned Woody character

Toy story 3 fan theory foretells a disillusioned woody character

A fan stated a theory about the Toy Story 3 lead character - Woody. According to the theory, Woody would act as a complicated toy who would turn disillusioned. The...
James Bond film

James Bond film came up with a new release date

The upcoming film "No Time to Die" will now be releasing on Nov 20, five days before the previously announced release date. This news left the James Bond fans...
Artemis Fowl' really wants to be the next Harry Potter

Artemis fowl trying to be a massive hit like the harry potter series

The movie Artemis Fowl looks like it’s an adaptation of the Harry Potter movie but it is not that well made. The one and a half hour movie ends...