The pictures of Moise Kean of the Everton Football Club left everyone in shock with a clear violation of the SOPs set in place by the government to control the spread of coronavirus.

The U.S. is observing a lockdown right now, and there is a prohibition on being a part of public gatherings. The striker can be seen having a party in his apartment in the pictures that he posted on his social media account.

The player should have abided by the instructions given by the government since they are for the greater good, says the club while showing disappointment in the actions of Moise.

Everton claims that they have been firm about the set guidelines and have communicated them to the players as well.

The club also said that those working in the NHS have been putting themselves at risk and should be given respect by staying at home and staying safe.

The 20-year-old switched teams from Italian giants Juventus to Merseyside when he was offered $31.2 million with a five-year contract. However, he has struggled to show good performance.

There have been a lot of new active cases of coronavirus along with many deaths in the United Kingdom; the lack of responsibility of the players should get condemned.

When Kean’s agent was asked to comment on the situation, he refused. He is not the first one to break the restrictions but the latest one among the Premier League players.

Grealish, the midfielder at Aston Villa, was seen getting into a car accident with minor damages to both the vehicles. The injured player said, he is ashamed and got fined for breaking the SOPs while advising fans to stay home.

Another footballer, Kyle, was also reported having a party along with sex workers for which he expressed his regret.

The club Tottenham also admitted to breaking the guidelines, when they were caught practicing in London Park.

The two-meter distancing rule was seen getting breached in the pictures of Mourinho where several players were seen running together.